Recreation of Medieval Combat is a big part of the SCA.
Here you can participate as an Armored Combat fighter, a Rapier fighter, a Youth fighter or as an Combat or Tournament Archer.

Every Tuesday night at the Southwest Corner of Reid Park, the Barony has its Baronial Fighter Practices.  This practice is primarily for Armored Combat, Rapier, and Youth Combat and runs from 7pm to 10pm.

Fighter Practice is also a great place to come out and see what we do and meet various members of the Barony. Not only will you find Armored and Rapier combat fighters, there may also be Dancers and Drummers, Baronial Officers, and members working on various arts.

Archery practice is generally held on Saturdays at PSE.
Check the BTY Archery page or the official baronial calendar for dates.

Armored Combat Rapier Combat Youth Combat Archery