Our target archery program concentrates on traditional archery, using recurves and period bows.

Kingdom of Atenveldt Archery Rules

The Marshal:

Our current Archery Marshal (Captain of Archery) is Lord Etgar Wit Acra

The Marshal is responsible for the safety of all on the Archery Range. The Marshal also keeps records of who is authorized to participate in Target Archery.

Contact the Archery Marshal

The Kingdom of Atenveldt maintains a system for the rank of archers. This is determined by the average of that archer’s three highest Royal Round scores in any of the recognized divisions during the past “rolling” calendar year. An archer may achieve separate ranks in each of these divisions. A rank, once achieved, is never lost. The ranks and score required are described below:

Score Rank Youth Division Rank
0 – 24 Novice Youth Novice
25 – 44 Bowman Youth Bowman
45 – 64 Yeoman Youth Yeoman
65 – 84 Forester Youth Forester
85 and above Bowmaster Youth Bowmaster

Royal Round Badges: Once an archer obtains the ranking of Bowman, they will be given a Bowman Badge that indicates their ranking. The Bowman Badge is blazoned as: Fieldless, An archer facing to sinister proper, garbed azure and Or, drawing a bow and arrow sable. Youth archers will have the letter Y added to their badges to indicate it is a Youth. Optional tassels may be added to the bottom of the badges to signify higher rankings.

Please feel free to join us on the range for our practices and events. See the Calendar for details. Practices are held at PSE Archery 2727 N. Fairview Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85705. PSE’s range fee is now normally $10.00 but for those attending our SCA practices, PSE has agreed to hold the price at $5.00. Site opens at 9:00am. Things will get underway starting at 9:30am.