New to the SCA?

Are you new to the SCA and are wondering what we are all about or how to get more involved?

We have many resources, references, and people that can help you find how you can make the SCA work for you!  First, take a few moments and visit these pages below, which will help you as you begin your adventure! 
Land of the Sun!A website dedicated to helping newcomers in Atenveldt!
Welcome Newcomers! – The Society’s Newcomer Portal!
SCA Terms and Jargon

Loaner Garb
Here in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr, we try and help our newcomers by providing them with “loaner garb”, so that they feel more involved and part of our group!  

If you would like some loaner garb for an upcoming event, please contact us with as much advance notice as possible, so we can arrange to meet with you so that you can go through what we have. 


When you email us, please give the below-mentioned information to expedite the process:

  • Your Full Name
  • E-Mail Address and Phone Number
  • Desired Garb, i.e. pants, dress, etc.
  • Size, i.e. measurements
  • Date Needed (or Event)

Please email our Baronial Chatelanie (Misty Barry) at with the information above.


Getting more involved, garb, gear, and accessories…

The SCA has MANY resources available for you to either make or buy many of the things you may want/need to participate in the SCA the way you choose to. One of the best resources is our Newcomer Information and Resources Page on the official SCA Society Seneschal’s website!
This will give you a good “starting point” as you determine what period/style of clothing you want to wear, etc.