Deputy Seneschal

(Open until filled)

The Seneschal’s office is responsible for the day to day business of the Barony and monitoring adherence to SCA and mundane law. A deputy seneschal would be assigned to a particular set of tasks to assist the Seneschal in the duties of the office. This office may require up to 20hrs of work per month, depending on duties assigned.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 Years old
  2. Must be willing to submit to and must pass a Background Check
  3. Must be willing to serve at least 1 year in this position.
  4. Must be a paid Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism during your tenure as the officer
  5. Need to be a Responsible Individual
  6. Must have reliable Internet Access and an email address
  7. Must Attend monthly Officer Meetings when the Baronial Seneschal is unable to attend.
  8. Must be organized with experience in several administrative tools such as Excel and Word

If interested, contact Their Excellencies at and the Baronial Seneschal at