So you want to be an Event Steward?

Thinking about being an Event Steward?

First off, thank you for your service! Without Event Stewards, there would be no events, and
with no events, there would be no Dream and no fun! Secondly, the Baronial officers are here to help you! Please contact us with any questions. Contact info can be found here.

First, know what type of event you will be running so that you know what the requirements are. There are Kingdom Calendar Event (Official/Published), Locally Publicized Populace Event, and Populace Meetings. Baronial Events most likely are a Locally Publicized Populace Event which requires:

  1. event form and budget turned into Seneschal and Reeve a minimum of 30 days before
    the event. Two to three months is a much more realistic time.
  2. the event must be published in the Tusker Times
  3. the event must be announced in court
  4. an event report form should be given to the Seneschal after the event

Event Guidelines (more information then anyone will ever need on what are the
types of events and what are the requirements.)

The next step is going to be getting an event on the calendar. Attend the Baronial Calendar Meeting (or Kingdom Calendar meeting for a Kingdom Calendar Event) and volunteer! You should have an idea for an event in mind and a timeframe. The Calendar officer can help you determine if there are conflicts or let you know if there are openings. If there is an opening for a Kingdom event, put together a bid and submit at least 9 months before the proposed event. Be sure to include information for profit sharing and fundraising. The Atenveldt webpage has a great question and answer section for what is needed for placing a bid.

Kingdom Event FAQ

A Baronial event does not require a bid, but it would be helpful to have an idea of what kind of site, possible budget, and if a feast/luncheon/sideboard would be part of the event.

Timeline for Autocratting an Event in Tir Ysgthir

  • 6 months—the event form
    In order to complete the event form (see forms at end of document), you will need to
    acquire the following:

    1. a site with list of amenities and rules
    2. a budget (see budget section and forms)
    3. feast autocrat (if applicable)
    4. signatures from the Seneschal and ruling Nobility
  • Additionally at 6 months:
    1. autocrat needs a current SCA membership
    2. acquire contracts for the site for the Seneschal to sign
    3. find out insurance requirements (see insurance checklist)
    4. attend officer’s meeting and give a brief report
    5. meet with Financial Committee to set site fee
  • 3 months—advertising
    1. email completed event form and article to Kingdom Chronicler, Calendar Officer, and
      Seneschal before the 1st of the month prior to publication,eventsu
    2. email Kingdom Webspinner with an altered article at
    3. email article to Baronial Chronicler before 15th of the month prior to publication
  • Additionally at 3 months:
    1. attend an officer’s meetings to give a brief report
    2. ask the baronial officers if they will be able to attend (waterbearer, list mistress,
      marshals, youth minister)
  • 2 months—make confirmations
    1. call the site to make sure that you are still on the Calendar without conflict
    2. check with Kingdom and Baronial Chroniclers and Webspinners to see if articles are still
      being published
    3. send a short, summary email to relevant lists advertising the event
    4. announce the event in Courts
    5. start conscripting volunteers for specific tasks. Don’t forget field heralds.
  • 1 month—organize
    1. check with Kingdom and Baronial Chroniclers to make sure the article is still being
      published or to make changes as the date approaches
    2. call the site; make sure you are still on the calendar
    3. repost updated information to webpages, list servers, etc.
    4. make announcements in Court
    5. get organized with checklists for the day, timetables for event and paperwork/copies that
      might need to be done
    6. finalize main volunteers and give them a listing of their duties
    7. attend officer meeting to give update
  • Day of the Event
    1. eat breakfast and try to eat other meals
    2. announce in court the rules for the site and events for the day
    3. keep abreast with the baronial officers and ask for help as needed
    4. don’t be shy to ask for help from anyone
    5. try to have fun!
    6. remember thank all of your volunteers and people who attended during final court
  • After the Event—final event report
    1. give yourself a few days to “decompress” after the event
    2. take advice and criticism in stride AFTER you decompress
    3. complete a final event report and present it at the next officer’s meeting

Insurance Checklist (To be completed when booking the site 6 months in advance)

  • Does the site require Proof of Insurance OR Site Specific Insurance?
    If Proof of Insurance:
    Request a copy of insurance certificate from the Seneschal
    Present copy to site
    If Site Specific Insurance
    Fill out insurance request form
    get check signed by Reeve and Senescal for purchase of insurance
    mail off forms to SCA Corporate
    SCA, Inc.
    P.O. Box 360789
    Milpitas, CA 95036-0789
  • Allow one month for processing. Insurance may be needed to book the site, so complete
    this procedure as early as possible!

Final Report How-to taken from

You Are Not Done Yet! Or How to Write a Post Event Report

by Lady Eden Blacksmith

Autocratting an event is an invaluable service you can do for your Kingdom, Barony or Shire. You will have the chance to share your talents, realize your dreams and learn more about yourself. Yet, all that you have learned will not have the opportunity to be utilized if you do not write a post event report. And, without a post event report you condemn the next autocrat to having to re_invent the wheel (and make the same mistakes).

When is it required and who gets a copy?
A post event report is required for all Kingdom events and it is highly suggested that one be done for every event no matter the size.

  • A copy is to be sent to the Crown. (Unnecessary for local events not published in the Southwind)
  • A copy is to be sent each member of the Kingdom Financial Committee. (Unnecessary for local events)
  • A copy is sent to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (if an arts event) or Kingdom Earl Marshal (if a
    fighting event)
  • A copy is to be sent to your Baron & Baroness, Baronial Seneschal and Baronial Exchequer if your Barony was
    involved in the financial aspects of the event
  • A copy is to be sent to your Shire Seneschal and Shire Exchequer if your Shire was involved in the financial
    aspects of the event
  • A copy is for your records. This copy is important! Do not neglect to do this!

As you can see a lot of people need your report. The report should be written in a legible format and include all your contact information. Do not use calligraphy or parchment paper.

Getting Started
You first step is to have a debriefing with your support personal. It is suggested that you have this meeting within two weeks from the event, however not the next day. The day after an event is a time of rest not reflection. While you are having this meeting refer to the sub-headings below.

  • Site
  • Personal
  • Financial Considerations
  • What would you have done differently.
  • What aspects worked.

Have a series of questions to ask your team. Give them the opportunity to share what they have learned. As each event is different each post event report will contain the information specific to its needs. You determine how much information you give. Ask yourself how much and what information would you have liked to have had before the event. Part of your responsibility as an autocrat is to leave a record so that others may learn from your experiences. Below are just some of the questions your report can answer, feel free to expand on details.

  • Site
    • Details of the site; when was the event held, where was the event held.
    • What time considerations must be made to hold an event at that site again, do they require standard insurance
      or insurance paperwork from Corporate?
    • Who is the contact person for site?
    • What should we know about site….. no drinking, pets, on site faculties etc.
    • Did you use Porta_Johns. If so, where did you get them?
    • Is there anything special about the site we should know i.e the Janitor has to be paid in cash that day, the
      sprinklers must be turned off manually, no parking on the South side…
    • You might also include a copy of the event announcement
  • Personal
    • List all sub-event stewards who assisted you with the event with their contact information.
    • This is not the place to vent nor place blame. Instead, it is an opportunity to recommend improvements.
    • Was the amount of work delegated correctly?
      Examples: Should there have been a parking_lot steward? How many servers were needed?
    • This can also be the place were you include reports from each sub_autocrat.
  • Financial Considerations
    • Include the final budget report for the event. Most of this information will come from your groups Exchequer. Confer with your groups Exchequer prior to the event on what will be required so that all monies are accounted for the day of the event. It would be advised to promote events so that Kingdom can receive its check the day of the e event. As autocrat you may not touch the money, nor may you run Troll. However, as autocrat you have an obligation to see that all financial matters have been taken care of correctly. For questions and concerns on financial matters please see Kingdom Exchequer during the planning phase of the event.
    • Check with Kingdom Seneschal on the requirements concerning the sign in sheets. Remember, you have to have the
      member and non-member copies. Make copies of this paperwork for yourself.

    This is only a basic pattern and does not include everything; check with Kingdom Exchequer and Kingdom Seneschal on
    what specific requirements each event needs.
    Estimated costs and incomes come from budget proposal when bid was submitted
    Estimated Site Cost Total Site Cost
    Estimated Site Deposit Total Site Deposit
    Estimated Food Cost Total Food Cost
    Estimated Misc Total Misc
    Total Expenses
    Estimated Income Total Income
    Estimated Refund on Site Deposit Total Refund on Site Deposit
    Total Income
    Total Income – Total Expenses = Profit
    Profit is split ½ with Kingdom
    Kingdom’s Profit Total =
    Groups Profit Total = (Indicate when and who received the Kingdom’s check.)

  • What would you have done differently?
    What would you have wished been different? Examples: Would you have started the feast sooner? Had more meetings with personal? Brought extra toilet paper? Ask your sub-Event Stewards what aspects they saw that could have used improvement. Mistakes are opportunities to learn. By sharing your mistakes you allow them to corrected. What aspects did you think of the next day that you had wished been tried.

    Please share your experiences with future Event Stewards. It is not meant as a self abominate. It is a chance to give advice, advice that has been hard won.

  • What aspects worked?
    This is hopefully the largest part of your report. Share with future Event Stewards parts of the event though either by design or accident that worked well. What would you like to see happen again. Why was the decision to use (fill in the blank) the best course to take. For those whose service went above and beyond who were they, what did they do. Being an autocrat is a challenging and rewarding experience. Having a post event report from the previous autocrat assures that the event will also be fun. Writing a post event report concerning YOUR event will make life that much easier for the next autocrat.

Again, thank you for your service and with your post event report done you may rest now with a job well done.

Until the next event.


Lady Eden Blacksmith

Feast Budgeting and Planning
Please take the time to do the research to put on a feast that is affordable, plentiful, and inspiring. Talk to people who have put on feasts, they are a wealth of information! Additionally, when calculating feast costs leave some room within the budget—things always crop up last minute!

Article by Alizaunde, Demoiselle de Bregeuf, C.O.L. SCA
Friend Honour Horne-Jaruk, R.S.F. on halving feast costs
See Forms section for the Budget Sheet and Cash advance/reimbursement forms. Talk to the Seneschal for site suggestions. Talk to several sites and get information regarding costs, amenities, and restrictions.

If planning a feast, please refer to feast budgeting section.

The Forms (found on under LawFormsEvent Related Forms)

Event Form
Site Specific Insurance Form
Budget Sheet
Cash advance request and request for reimbursement
Final Event Report