Festival of Books Demo March 12, 2017

To Arms, Tir Ysgithr!! To Arms!!!

A Call for HELP has been heard on the Horizon!

Heroes are needed to respond!!

Tucson Festival of Books wants a Demo!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, March 12th, 2:30pm on the University of Arizona Mall!

We have the main stage at the F.O.B.’s “Circus Arena” for 45 minutes to show the best we have to offer to the Knowne World.

We need Fighters, Artisans, Performers, Water Bearers and Good Gentles to pass out flyers to a crowd numbering up to Ten Score and some change (That’s about 200 people in the Circus Arena’s bleachers).

You can even check out the Festival yourself during the day prior and after the demo. (Garb is requested.)

Details are coming! Parking information will be available by the 1st of March when the F.O.B.’s representatives let us know the final word. Equipment Drop-off information will be made public as soon as we get it. Check for updates at Fighter Practice, on Facebook, Google Groups, and The Tusker Times. RSVP’s will be set up on any and all applicable apps/domains.

For Now, Save the Date!

There are No In-Kingdom events scheduled for that day.

Represent the Barony! Represent The Dream!

Come to the Tucson Festival of Books SCA Demo! (For Now, to RSVP, send email to chatelaine@btysca.org with what you want to do. RSVP is also available on Facebook.)